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TRUE Africa est une nouvelle plateforme media consacrée aux nouvelles tendances culture, musique, sport, lifestyle, poltique, mode, et hi-tech en Afrique et dans la diaspora africaine.

Son ambition: découvrir et promouvoir les jeunes talents africains tout autour du monde.

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But for others modest fashion can be really tricky, especially giving the current context. ‘It is quite dangerous to label yourself as an Islamic fashion designer only,’ Cecilia El Ali tells me in her workshop also located in le Marais in Paris. ‘The modest fashion business is really a flourishing one but at the same time, you can lose clients who will see the clothes as an adhesion to a religion.’ This French and Lebanese 28-year-old woman likes to play with her long and curly blond hair to show off her product: a turban.

I am also proud of having non-Muslims as customers.

With her brand Païna Pulz, Cecilia has chosen, like Hafid, to take advantage of the possibilities one product could offer. Bamboo, jersey, cotton, wool, velvet, silk turbans are piled in her small office where she creates new styles daily. When she demonstrates how to wear them, either with your hair loose or tied up with a clip, she shows they can worn by every women. ‘I am proud that women who can not wear the hijab at work in France can substitute it with a turban which is more accepted and I am also proud of having non-Muslims as customers,’ she says.

When she launched her line, she was criticised: ‘Some women would tell me it did not fit the Islamic requirements for the veil because it did not cover their neck, others from extreme right parties would just label it as something “orientalistic” and a way to cover the head of the women so therefore “Islamic”,’ she says smiling.

She knows that when it comes to modest fashion, you can’t please everyone. So she stays true to her principles.

‘I am glad Muslim women feel more comfortable in France wearing the turban but I have not created the brand for this use only, they are headgears like beanies or hat.’


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